Reporting Fraud,Waste and Abuse-Corporate Compliance

Do you suspect fraud, waste and/or abuse of Medicaid/Medicare Funding?

It is the responsibility of every employee throughout Kalamazoo Community Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services and the contracted provider network to report any act of fraud or abuse. In fact, if you know of a wrongful act and you fail to report it, you too could be held responsible.

All reports will remain confidential and can be filed in person, in writing, or verbally with:
  • Your supervisor/manager
  • The Corporate Compliance Officer (269) 364-6986 Office; (269) 720-1991 Cell
  • The Compliance email:
  • The Corporate Compliance Hotline  1-866-939-4823

To report suspected compliance violations click here.


All reports will be thoroughly investigated and resolved by the Corporate Compliance Officer with appropriate reporting to the Corporate Compliance Committee.

Employees are protected as “Whistleblowers” by the False Claims Act against retaliation for reporting a concern in good faith about a suspected violation.



To access KCMHSAS policy on Corporate Compliance, please click here for our interactive guide.