Family Support Services at KCMHSAS

A free and confidential service for family members of individuals with a mental illness


Peer Support Groups

  • Provide opportunities to share concerns, struggles, and successes
  • Enhance communication skills and problem solving abilities
  • Promote hopefulness and encouragement

Opportunities for peer support are offered to family members of individuals with a mental illness. This may include meeting with other families in a one-on-one setting or a group of families. Call for details of current support group offerings.


Family Support

Family Support works with individual families to assist them by clarifying options so they can make informed, educated choices; helping them cope with crisis situations; providing emotional support and education.

Goals of Family Support:
  • To help families manage their day-to-day grief and stress
  • To decrease families feelings of isolation and helplessness
  • To increase families feelings of hope in the future.
  • To strengthen the relationship between families and their loved ones
  • To enhance partnerships between families and mental health professionals


Family Support offers:

  • Classes and training for family members:
  • Families In Action educational series
  • Written information
  • Topical speakers
  • Consultation with families, professionals, and community groups
  • Resource referral
  • A lending library of books, journals, and videos
Family members of individuals with a mental illness have opportunities to learn about:
  • Symptoms of mental illness
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Dealing with violence
  • Suicide prevention
  • Treatment options
  • Stress reduction
  • Communication skills
  • Community resources





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For More Information

Please feel free to contact our Family Support Specialist, Deb Schauer LMSW, at (269) 364-6961 or e-mail