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Customer Service

Customer Services for KCMHSAS is available by contacting us at 2030 Portage Street in Kalamazoo.  The telephone numbers are (269) 553-7000 or (888) 553-7160.  The primary responsibilities of Customer Services for KCMHSAS are to:


Provide an initial welcome and an orientation of the services and benefits available through the community mental health and substance abuse service system, as well as an overview of the network of providers in our service system.


  • Provide information about how to access mental health, substance abuse, primary health and other community services.

  • Provide information about how to access the processes that are in place to protect the rights of the people we serve. This includes providing assistance to file grievances, complaints, or appeals.

  • Provide assistance with questions and problems about community benefits.


Q. Where do I find the Handbook?
A. You can print the entire book or any necessary handouts by clicking on Customer Handbook or contact customer service at (269) 553-7000.

Q. Where do I find Acton Notice forms?
A. Use this portal location to find the most current version of the forms with instructions for completion. Action Notice Medicaid, Action Notice Non-Medicaid, or contact Customer Services office at (269) 553-7000 to request printed versions.  

Q.  What do I do if a customer needs an interpreter for appointments?
A.  Click on this link Quick Guide to Interpreter Services.  

Q.  How do I get training regarding Action Notices and/or Customer Appeals?
A.  Training is provided on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the KCMHSAS Training Center. If you have a question about a how to complete a particular Action Notice for a customer, please contact Customer Services.

Q. How can I help a customer appeal a service decision?
A.  If a customer wants you to help them to appeal, first inform your supervisor and secure the customers signature on a Consumer Representative Request, intended to grant you that permission.

Customer Service



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